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rote Trump a letter Friday, 〓urging him to "withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement a〓nd military presence" in her city citing the peaceful nature of the〓 demonstrations. The D.C. National Guard confirmed Saturday it was 〓investigating whether it was appropriate to use one of its helicopt〓ers during Monday's protests. The helicopter flew low above the Whi〓te House area as law enforcement on the ground reportedly used non-〓lethal weapons to clear theB

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way for Trump to walk to a church near 〓the White House for a photo op, which caused tremendous controversy〓. "The completion of a thorough and transparent investigation is of〓 the highest priority to me and to the investigative team," Major G〓eneral William Walker, the D.C. National Guard's commander, said in〓 a statement.BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China'●s Central Military Commission, and Chang Wanquan, Chinese defensew


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ister and state councilor, on Friday met separately with Guy Parm●elin, head of the Swiss Feded

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partment of Defense, Civil Protec●tion and Sport. Fan Changlong said China is willing to work with S●witzer5

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o implement consensus reached by leaders of the two cou●ntries, enhance strategic communicas

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